Maracajaú and Punaú

The diving paradise, located 65km from Natal, Maracajaú has 13 miles of coral reefs, exotic fish species and low tide swim with its transparent waters. The second part of the tour is a visit to Punaú beach, its river and sea, sand dunes and palm trees, beautiful landscapes all in one place.



Pipa Beach

The tour includes a stop by Guaraíras lagoon and Cacimbinhas beach, with its final destination being Pipa, which is considered one of Brazil's most beautiful beaches, also being a charming village full of restaurants, bars and shops. At Pipa you can also take the boat ride.



Discover the beauty of Galinhos on a tour not to be missed, appreciating landscapes with sand dunes, mangroves and salines, a whole set of paradisiac scenarios.


Barra de Cunhaú

A fishing village, surrounded by the Atlantic Forest. Beautiful scenery, coconut trees and mangroves along the Curimataú River, Barra de Cunhaú is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the region.


Buggy Ride

It is one of the most fun tours in Natal, the "Buggy" ride goes along the north coast, passing by the most beautiful sand dunes, beaches and lagoons. You'll be amazed by the emotions you'll find in the way.